Call for doctoral contract 2018-2021

The federation Agorantic launch the 2018 campaign of call for doctoral contract. This year again a doctoral contratc was assigned by UAPV to Agorantci. The criteria for this call are :

  1. The interdisciplinairy dimension of project
  2. Adequacy between project, scientific axis of fédération
  3. Priority will be given to codirection impling two laboraaories/nuits members of the federation (or in course of sera donnée aux codirections impliquant deux laboratoires/unités membres de la FR Agorantic (ou en cours d’association)
  4. One of the co-director should be teacher-researcher at the UAPV, linked to one of the two doctoral schools
The proposals are appraised by the Scientific Council members and external members, dependng of submitted subjects. On the basis of the expert valuations, the Scientific Council of Agorantic will select the subjects and reach them to Doctoral School so they will be published on the webpage of Doctoral Schools of the University and Agorantic website.
Call for application will be open until 14 mai 2018.
The thesis directors, subject carriers, are in charge of selecting the successful candidates for an audition (same date as Doctoral Schools, early June 2018)
The jury wil be composed of members of E.D. 536 & 537, the two federation directors, and external approached members.


The form below should be fill up before 28 March 2018 at midnight.