FR Agorantic presentation

The FR 3621 Agorantic is an interdisciplinary Research Federation attached to Avignon University and the CNRS. This structure comprises 10 research laboratories and an ever larger number of associate units. Its main objective is to study societal issues related to digital development. Agorantic aims to mobilize and federate teams of researchers from different disciplines, projects and related scientific topics, Human Sciences and Society (SHS) with computer science and mathematics to pool their expertise to foster the emergence of a pole of excellence in the digital humanities.


Agorantic is a federative research structure interdisciplinary attached to Avignon Université. Agorantic (FR 3621) is also since January 2014, under CNRS supervision, attached to two instituts : INSHS and INS2I . This federation gather 10 research units and thirty or more associated units, that work from their fields on the themes : culture, heritage, territories and digital societies. About a hundred researchers skills are gathered into this interdisciplinary strucutre. Agorantic research fields are at a crossroads of Human, Society and Networks.


Agorantic wants to develop partnerships  with economoc actors of different fields.


Skills and expertise

  • Huge linguistic social networks corpus processing.
  • Sociologist methods of inquiry of real / potential community.
  • Digital writing of patrimonies / cultural mediations.
  • Projections and risk prevention.
  • Smart mobility.