Axis 4 : Experiences and Urban narrative dimension


Elsa Cavalié (ICTT Etudes britanniques), Cyrille Genre-Granpierre (UMR Espace, geography) and  Justine Gonneaud (ICTT, Etudes Britanniques)



Experience, Smart city, Art city,  Digital, Human,   Urban space, social media, cultural heritage,  literature; aesthetic



The ‘Experiencing the Urban in the City’  axis  aims at studying the tension between the urban experience as it is perceived by individuals, or groups of individuals, and the way it is told through different media (literature, tourism, films, social media,…). Our object is the transformation of the “urban” from an experience  (through the five senses or spatial practices) into an artistic narrative, and conversely, how artistic practices shape the urban experience as well as the image and the identity of a city. We focus more specifically on the impact of digital media on the urban experience and its narration.  Indeed, understanding the interaction between contemporary urban experiences and narratives and apprehending their consequences, for instance in terms of identity, allows us to find practical solutions in urban planning (smart cities), social interactions, or local branding strategies.


Research and work in Axis 3 aim to :

  • Study the ongoing process of computerization of public services;
  • Monitor the usage of digital tools in a political context (staging, e-reputation…);
  • Develop automatic tools to cross-check and take advantage of existing data sources (extraction of interaction networks, spatial analysis of vote practice…);
  • Analyze the digital valorization policy of the historical and regional patrimony of Avignon;
  • Define the notion of (non-)neutrality in the Web 2.0 (search engines, recommendation systems), study its political and economical effects;
  • Study the impact of transparency and anonymity in social networks upon economic and electoral behavior;
  • Detect fraudulent practices in public market attribution processes;


Projects related to this axis