Axis 2 : Culture and Digital


Lise Renaud (ECC-CNE, Culture and Communication), Éric SanJuan (LIA, IT)



Culture, digital, history, use, heritage, community, museum, festivals, facility, contextualisation, digitalisation, indexation, mediation, prescription.


Axis 2 goals

  • Work to a better understanding of digital culture.
  • Formalize pluridisciplinary studies of digital disposition uses (hardware and software).
  • Experiment digital methods for community studies and their sociodemographic evolution.
  • Question issues of elaboration and circulation of digital representation of patrimonies.
  • Initiate and facilitate collaborations between researchers, academics and institutionnal  actors on cultural digital projects.


Fiew examples of thematic covered or studied


Digital tools, knowledge and heritage

Digital technics development affect areas of culture and patrimony. This renew possibilities of appraisal and knowledge but also of meditation and communication of historial, scientific and technical informations.

refresh possibilities of expertise and knowledge, mediation and historical, scientific and technical informations broadcasting, and also heritage valorisation.


Museum computing

Public european museul have been computerised before internet development. Searing development of private Web 2.0 generate different strategies from museul that have to be anticipate on a longer-term perspective.


Festivals and privatisation of Web 2.0

The festivals generate a significant activity on Web 2.0. The GAFAs downturn on this collected data that are used for commercial valorisation complicate acces facilities to these contents and generate new pratices emergence.


Technification of cultural pratices

The cultural pratices are transformed by digital tools and practices development. Daily omnipresence of digital devices, in both public and private spheres, pave the way for increasing computerization and numerization of all human activities. Between expected and effective modifications how to understand, quantify and analyse these pratices and there transformations.


Projects related to this axis

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