Axis 3 : Politic(s), transparency et ethic


Guillaume Marrel (LBNC, Science politique) & Vincent Labatut (LIA, Informatique)



Public policies, Government science, Governance, Governability, Public good, Transparency, Public procurement, Corruption, Net neutrality, Electoral representation, political affiliation.



The development, application, and capabilities of contemporary society digitalization are evolving rapidly, leaving largely unanswered a broad range of important short- and long-term questions related to the  political, economical, juridical and ethical regulation. This axe is addressing different challenging problems of transpancery, ethics and participation, and their relation with cohesion, confidence in institutions and governance.    The main objective is to shed light on the ongoing transformations of our digital societies. Different questions on government and governance issues, as well as regulation models of our contemporary societies, is studying by mobilizing and articulating many focal areas: quantitative and qualitative methods, network analysis, various corpora of historical and contemporary data, technical schemes (architectures, algorithms) related to speeches and social uses, etc.


Research and work in Axis 3 aim to :

  • Study the ongoing process of computerization of public services;
  • Monitor the usage of digital tools in a political context (staging, e-reputation…);
  • Develop automatic tools to cross-check and take advantage of existing data sources (extraction of interaction networks, spatial analysis of vote practice…);
  • Analyze the digital valorization policy of the historical and regional patrimony of Avignon;
  • Define the notion of (non-)neutrality in the Web 2.0 (search engines, recommendation systems), study its political and economical effects;
  • Study the impact of transparency and anonymity in social networks upon economic and electoral behavior;
  • Detect fraudulent practices in public market attribution processes;


Projects related to this axis