Scientific project

The main goal of the scientific projet of federation Agorantic “Culture, Patrimony and Digital societies” concerns interactions between web and digital with worlds of culture and patrimony (material and immaterial) : new forms of sharing, of knowledge and of access to patrimonies culturen and to territories; new forms of writing, of mediation and of patrimony and cultural events uses, new forms of mobility and territorial representation; studies and prospective of democratization of culture.


The project builds on a research dynamic already started at the University of Avignon and Pays du Vaucluse on those topics by the 9 units members of federation Agorantic related to their  proper scientific approches (by alphabetical order) : Geography, History, Information and Communication SCiences, Sciences and Technologies of Information and Communication.


The federation Agorantic is an interdisciplinary project (STIC/SHS) that aim at :

  • mutualize laboratories’resources of UAPV on topics “Culture, patrimony and digital societies”
  • stimulate interdisciplary scientific activities between those laboratories and the scientifics partners
  • invigorate the local resources that aprticipates to innovations in the fields of culture et patrimonies, resources of cultural institutions types (museum, festivals), societies, associations, PRIDES, incubators, territorial collectivities
  • invigorate national and international networks (academic, institutional and provate) on this topic