Axis 5 : Structuration and corpus exploitation


Mohamed Morchid, MCF/UAPV (LIA) et Graham Ranger, PR/UAPV (ICTT)


Structuration and exploitation of information. Descriptor extraction. Modelisation. Corpus analysis. Databases. Deep learning. Artificial intelligence.



The main goal of axis 5 is to elaborate innovative models and methods to structure and exploit information. These methods are based on theoretical paradigms of modelisation and extraction of higher-level descriptors (structuration), on the one hand, and procedures and processes of information retrieval (exploitation and valorisation of content), on the other. The relevance of these new methods will be assessed via experimentation bearing on the treatment of information involving interdisciplinary corpora as well as specific tasks.

The researchers in Agorantic work on data the quantity and internal structures of which are very diverse, and specific to the disciplines from which the data originate. Axis 5 aims to work on accompanying researchers in preparating data to work on, to model and to exploit, via a configurable, shared online interface.

The axis SEC will also establish structures and procedures to promote and to facilitate interdisciplinary work within Agorantic, with the aim of promoting interaction between different members by organising meetings (seminars, workshops, etc.) dedicated to the common management of information.


Research and work in Axis 3 aim to :

  • The methods will be closely related to the field of deep learning.
  • The axis SEC will draw benefits from the very promising potential of representations and systems based on deep neural networks.
  • Axis 5 will propose innovative theoretical models and methods relevant to the issues addressed by the FR Agorantic in a pluridisciplinary perspective.

Projects related to this axis